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All's fair: legal challenges to hospital closure consultation

Two recent cases on hospital closures suggest that public bodies may have to provide more detailed

05 Jun 2019

Patients at risk: revisiting the extent of public bodies' duties

While establishing that all psychiatric patients, regardless of status, are owed the same duty, the

04 Jun 2019

Determining the course of employment in vicarious liability

Are the courts any nearer to providing clarity on issues of vicarious liability, asks Chri

12 May 2019

Seeing non-contentious probate fee reforms in context

Kathryn Purkis argues opposition to the government's proposed changes to probate fees is misplaced,

12 May 2019

LSB retreats from ban on professional bodies 'influencing' regulatory arms

Super-regulator accepts prohibition of 'influence' could result in hampering legitimat

03 May 2019

Call on SRA to regulate work experience element of SQE

Failure to set minimum salary could lead to trainees being exploited, say junio

02 May 2019

SDT to move to civil standard of proof

Change to civil standard in the public interest and will enhance profession's standing, tribunal say

08 Apr 2019

Relief effort: forfeiture and assisted suicide

Mark Pawlowski reviews the Court of Appeal's latest ruling on the application of the forfeiture

06 Apr 2019

Serving notice to quit after a death

Recent cases addressing the issue of serving notice to quit a property following the tenant's death

06 Apr 2019

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