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Estate agents face 'regulatory timebomb'

A lack of regulatory guidance hampering 5MLD adoption is exposing agents, research revealed.

19 May 2021

UK public wants same accountability for the military as citizens

A survey coinciding with the return of the Overseas Operations Bill to parliament shows the public

20 Apr 2021

Thieving accountant banned from legal profession

Victoria Brown was jailed and banned from working in the legal profession after stealing

16 Apr 2021

Lawyers chastised for non-compliance with PDs

During a return to the bench, Sir James Munby has chastised lawyers for ignoring practice

16 Apr 2021

Gender pay gap in law: 'still much more to be done'

The Law Society Group’s 2020 pay gap report has revealed a 13 per cent mean pay gap

16 Apr 2021

Brighton firm funds scholarships

Brighton firm to fund law students from lower socio-economic or black and black-mixed heritage

16 Apr 2021

SRA consults on cyber loss cover

The SRA is consulting on the inclusion of a cyber loss cover clause in the minimum terms and

16 Apr 2021

February's turnover up 4.1 per cent since January, says ONS

Legal industry turnover rose to £3.13 billion in February, up 4.1 per cent on January,

16 Apr 2021

Front and centre: Consumer-centric marketing

Are firms missing a marketing trick? Nicola Laver reports on the quest to nail effective methods to

11 Mar 2021

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