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The four-day week: reality in law?

Dana Denis-Smith considers whether a four-day week could work in the legal sector

03 Aug 2022

Mind the gap: closing the gender pay gap

Dana Denis-Smith considers how to address gender pay inequality

07 Jul 2022

All is not well – time for a cultural reset?

Dana Denis-Smith argues organisational culture needs to change to tackle the ongoing problems

05 May 2022

'Family friendly' vs future-facing?

Dana Denis-Smith comments that headline-grabbing ‘family friendly’ benefits should not

02 Oct 2021

It's your attitude: making flexible working succeed

Dana Denis-Smith considers how firms must adapt to meet staff expectations in the post-pandemic

29 Apr 2021

The Challenge Ahead

The profession must redouble efforts on equality or risk turning back the clock, argues Dana

01 Jan 2021

Black history month

Dana Denis-Smith highlights the pioneering black women lawyers who have made it to the top

01 Dec 2020

Don't stop now

Diversity must not be lost in the challenging post-covid era, urges Dana Denis-Smith

08 Sep 2020

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