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The need to tackle predatory marriages

Matthew Duncan, Helen Freely and James Flanagan assess the lack of legal protection for vulnerable

05 Sep 2021

Reforming the LPA system

Matthew Duncan explores the recent review of the LPA system by the UK Ministry of Justice, and

02 Aug 2021

Eade v Hogg: a salutary lesson to all private client lawyers

Reflecting on a recent case, Matthew Duncan reminds us of the paramount importance of accurately

25 Jun 2021

It's good to talk: financial planning and wills

Following a recent report, Matthew Duncan reflects on how the British reserve may be impacting the

07 May 2021

Domicile and wills interpretation

Matthew Duncan considers the court's approach to interpretation in the case of a foreign

31 Mar 2021

Veering off default

Matthew Duncan considers the judge’s approach to assessing damages where solicitors had been

26 Feb 2021

Covid recovery wealth tax

Matthew Duncan considers the implications of a proposed wealth tax to help fund significant

04 Feb 2021

Covid-19: taking liberties

Despite further delay, the liberty protection safeguards regulations and code of practice will be

02 Dec 2020

From paper to digital

Mandatory online probate applications are on the horizon, says Matthew Duncan 

15 Sep 2020

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