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I know what you did last Summer

David Pickup considers the Summer holidays, solicitor style

03 Aug 2022

The bad guys? Public perceptions of lawyers

David Pickup examines the public’s fascination with ‘bad lawyers’

30 Jun 2022

Pick ‘n’ mix? Firms’ marketing and incentivisation

David Pickup considers marketers’ use of product samples to recruit firms as corporate clients

31 Mar 2022

Best of intentions? New Year’s resolutions for lawyers

David Pickup reflects on enduring professional principles for another year in practice

02 Dec 2021

The French legal system: vive la différence?

David Pickup carries out a comparative analysis with the French criminal jurisdiction

02 Oct 2021

On the ball: Team management for partners

David Pickup examines key assets and attributes in team management for firms' partners

02 Aug 2021

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