Legal Articles for Solicitors and Lawyers

Solicitors Indemnity Fund: The end of the line with the insurance industry?

Roger Flaxman explores the decline of the Solicitors Indemnity Fund and whether it will be sustained.

05 Sep 2021

A fair share?: s.238 shareholder disputes in Caymans’ privatised companies

Paul Madden and Paula Kay consider s.238 disputes on the fair value of shares in privatised companies in the Caymans

05 Sep 2021

Employee Ownership Trusts: A new company ownership model

Andrew Evans assesses the positives of EOTS as a business ownership model, while warning of potential traps for the unwary. 

05 Sep 2021

A different approach to leasehold reform

A new approach is needed to restore confidence in a crucial form of land tenure, say Gwilym Owen and

05 Sep 2021

The need to tackle predatory marriages

Matthew Duncan, Helen Freely and James Flanagan assess the lack of legal protection for vulnerable individuals following a rise in predatory marriages.

05 Sep 2021

Undertakings: Your bond is your word

Tracey Calvert assesses the distinctions and implications of a solicitors’ undertaking.

05 Sep 2021

Dog whistle: A warning call for all dog owners

Simon Spence QC explains the recent change in law for dog owners

05 Sep 2021

What I wish I knew: Advice to my younger self

Andrew Nugent Smith shares his top tips for new lawyers

04 Sep 2021

Cat and mouse?: The law and cryptocurrencies

Charlie Sorensen considers the interplay between regulation, legislation, and cryptocurrency

04 Sep 2021

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