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Tales from practice: air kiss of life

“Help!” I shouted. “Help!” I am normally a great respecter of personal space; but this was different. I had to get close enough to kiss him. I needed to find out if he was breathing. He was.

Cindy Barnett

The Magistrates Association chairman shares her thoughts on a more efficient criminal justice system and community sentencing

Felix: forms don't function

It was very good of John Reid to send a letter to judges reminding them that criminals should only go to prison as a last resort.

Geoffrey Vos QC

The chairman of the Bar Council talks about encouraging new entrants into the profession

Nigel Dodds

WHO: Nigel Dodds WHAT: Chair of the Law Society Charity

Felix: serial offenders

Perhaps it is the fault of the television. Perhaps we now know that we are indeed thoroughly corrupted by the television screen and the cinema.

Stephen Friday

The Chairman of the Black Solicitors Network talks about ploughing success back in the community – working with minorities is only one aspect