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Book reviews

Conveyancing Checklists,Frances Silverman and Russell Hewitson, The Law Society, £34.95, ISBN 9781853289835

An oversized lesson in brevity

Interoffice memo: “Tracey Runton (an overweight 15-year-old) was minding her own business in Great Massingham churchyard when, without warning, a tombstone fell over and damaged her foot.

Face to face: Alured Darlington

Seven career changes mean the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year has almost done it all, but there is no let up yet even after passing his retirement age

On the railroad with Felix QC

It is the aspiration of members of the junior Bar to get away from the daily grind and the five o’clock feeling.

DJ Philips in da court house

Regular readers – and I am grateful to both of them – might be surprised by the tone of this column. I am not bitching. I am not complaining.

Face to face: Andrew Holroyd

The new Law Society president talks about the Society's lobbying successes and its ongoing campaign to maintain access to justice