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Bloomsburry Family law


A marriage is announced

“LET ME NOT TO THE marriage of true minds admit impediments” declared Shakespeare expansively a few hundred years ago, before going on to a lyrical and passionate consideration of wandering barks,

Felix: Speaking out

Just before Christmas there was a newspaper overage about the recent conviction in the Henderson case tried at Reading Crown Court concerning the death of an 11-month-old child.

Who do you think you are?

In recent days it seems to have become a good idea, if not a necessity, to ask and perhaps check just who you really are.

To malinger or not to malinger

I was pretty sure that he did not want to show me his etchings or his holiday photos, but all the same I was intrigued when the solicitor on the other side of an accident case wanted to “show me so

Book reviews

Maternity and Paternal Rights: A Guide to Parents’ Legal Rights at Work (Third Edition), Camilla Palmer, Joanna Wade, Katie Wood and Alexandra Heron, Legal Action Group, 2006, £35

Catch them young

Sometime the world of crime takes its toll on the practitioner and we end up despairing of the world in general and human nature.

Telling the bad from the sad

Any lawyer in the criminal justice system (CJS), other than the favoured few who knock about with witty fraudsters, knows that very often we deal with the sad and not the bad.