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Bloomsburry Family law


A bitter pill

Has the European Court of Justice gone too far in upholding that pharmacies could only be owned by professionally qualified chemists, asks Paul Stanley

New tricks

With more changes to the government’s rules on tax and trusts and the arrival of commoditisation, private client practitioners have to up their game if they want to stay on top, says Jenny Ramage

Out of tune

It has been a rich month for satirists.

Eat that frog

This phrase really tickled me when I first heard it earlier this year, and it has stayed in my consciousness ever since.

Life in the slow lane

We are the instant generation. We want it all and we want it now. Please.

Respect, man

Respect, man: that is what it is all about.

On yer bike

Our constitutional rights are slowly being eroded by an increasingly managerial approach to criminal cases, says David Rhodes