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Choosing the best

Do not treat your firm’s website like a second-rate flyer, says Russel

03 Jun 2008

Untraced driver claims to rise after Court of Appeal strikes down MIB agreement

The Motor Insurance Bureau could face thousands of claims for compensation in cases involving untraced drivers after a Court of Appeal ruling that children

03 Jun 2008

There is no substitute for qualified experts

Stephen Ashcroft advises claimant lawyers to obtain financial analysis from experts to protect themselves against professional indemnit

02 Jun 2008

Clearer view emerges on the rights of light

A recent appeal court decision should lighten fears by developers that construction stands no chance if there are light obstruction issues, say Tim Foley a

27 May 2008

Civil litigation brief

Gordon Exall looks at the procedure and guidelines governing the transfer of actions from the county court to the Technology and Constructio

27 May 2008

Regional focus: Wales

With a growing number of law firms but comparatively fewer solicitors, the market for legal services in Wales is becoming more fragmented and the professio

13 May 2008

Independent decisions

Expert determinations are increasingly favoured by those lawyers keen on resolving dispute away from the courts, says Joh

13 May 2008

Opinion: where next for family legal aid?

Low fees mean that family legal aid firms cannot afford to expand and there is evidence that their numbers may be shrinking faster than anyone realised, sa

13 May 2008

Another 48 hours?

The police took the money but lost the permission application. Will they be given another 48 hours? Elliott Gold explains police powers to sieze and hold

06 May 2008


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