Professional indemnity

Root cause of risk

Eleanor Kilner considers the impact of the SRA’s proposed changes to the compulsory PII terms fo

15 Oct 2014

SJ about town

The Legal Compliance Association, gangland shootings and las

17 Sep 2014

New security regime

Jennifer Williamson on how adapting to and accepting a new and wide-ranging risk environment, where COFAs are culpable and the accountancy safety blanket is disappearing, will prevent securit

09 Sep 2014

Delaying changes to PII allows firms some breathing space

Stalling the SRA's PII ensures firms can thoroughly discuss what cover they need, especially since new types of claims are evolving, says Michael Black

02 Sep 2014

Is your PII fit for purpose?

The SRA's proposed changes are a red herring for many firms, argues Chri

01 Sep 2014

How do you solve a problem like PII?

Laura Clenshaw interviews Chancer

20 Aug 2014

Who really believes that the cheque is in the post?

Failing to pay your debts when they are due may get you into regulatory difficulties, says Joh

20 Aug 2014

SRA blasts LSB decision to extend consultation period on PII as “wrong”

LSB's main concern is reduction in minimum cover and says it is considering refusing the application in par

19 Aug 2014

Tax avoidance schemes and claims against solicitors

Solicitors should think carefully before risking their claims record by becoming involved in aggressive tax schemes, say Julian Miller and To

02 Jul 2014