Professional indemnity

The dangers of diversity data collection

Brian Rogers advises on how to avoid breaching the Data Protection Act while aggregating diversity statistics for th

19 Aug 2015

PII renewal season: Claim trends

Steve Holland assesses the pattern of claims notifications seen in different practice areas and advises firms on preparing for this year's PI

08 Jul 2015

Safeguarding your firm from a cyber attack

Peter Armstrong advises law firms how to best protect against and respond to electronic data securit

08 Jul 2015

The changing face of risk for law firms

Richard Brown, Martin Ellis, and Colin Taylor advise firms on managing risk and engaging the right broker to assist in obtaining P

03 Jul 2015

‘Wiped’ smartphones remain a fraud risk for businesses

Recovered data included internet histories, email passwords, business data, and explici

03 Jun 2015

Escalation in cybercrime affects solicitors

Fraudsters are using increasingly sophisticated methods to obtain money or sensitiv

01 Jun 2015

Proposal to cut minimum PII cover rejected

Super regulator 'not persuaded' over plans to reduce cover t

27 Nov 2014

A problem shared is a problem halved

When it comes to notifying your professional indemnity insurer of a claim against your firm, the clock is ticking, say Tom Pelham and Arran-Leigh Robert

25 Nov 2014

Law firms may be liable for losses caused by bogus firms

SRA warns firms may also have to pay higher professional indemnity insurance premium

05 Nov 2014