Professional indemnity

Conveyancers and small firms hit hardest by indemnity insurance costs

SRA to consult in the new year on reducing barriers to entry an

26 Oct 2016

The termination of tiresome legislation

Future Bills that require a duty to insure, and create a criminal offence for non-compliance, should expressly indicate whether or not a civil remedy is also created, argues Ale

17 Aug 2016

Advising sophisticated clients revisited

The decision in Healey suggests once again that the courts are prepared to consider the scope of the solicitor's duty on a case-by-case basis, write Phil Murrin and Mar

29 Jul 2016

A balancing act between digitisation and data security

A successful modern law firm needs to adopt digital processes to improve its practices, with those ensuring compliance at its heart, says Dou

21 Jun 2016

Lawyers' liability claims: The current outlook

Sarah Clover and Rupert Webber consider trends in claims against solicitors over the past year, particularly the increase in their size an

21 Jun 2016

Challenges for start-up firms

Firms without any proven track record must go the extra mile to make a positive impression on insurers, including producing a comprehensive business plan and demonstrating their risk management

21 Jun 2016

Don't let your renewal proposal let you down

The proposal form is an opportunity to showcase your firm's credentials to insurers and establish a good exchange of information, so don't miss out, writes Rya

21 Jun 2016

Cyber insurance: Can you really live without it?

Cybercrime is a real and persistent feature on the legal profession's risk landscape, so it is probably time you prepared for the worst, suggests France

21 Jun 2016

Time for a makeover? Seven steps to make your broker happy

Take a different approach when your proposal form arrives this year, recommends Chris Marston - treat is as you would a pitch for new work and you may get a better PI

21 Jun 2016