Education & Training

LawCare partners with academics on mental health initiative

Mental health and wellbeing charity LawCare has teamed up with academics from the University of Sheffield and The Open University to launch a free online resource for lawyers.

Listen up!

Alicia Fortinberry explains how to train yourself in the art of listening

An education in professional resilience

Dr Kryss Macleod examines how legal educators and the profession are responding to the greater visibility of mental health in young lawyers and how building resilience is vital

Non-Welsh SQE will compound access to justice problem

The issue of access to justice in Wales will be compounded if the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) is not offered in Welsh, the Junior Lawyers Division (JLD

Not just a confidence vote

Women are held to unrealistic and unobtainable goals in the workplace, hindering their career progression, says Dan

Trailblazing for the future

The advantages of recruiting solicitor apprentices may be far greater than you think. Nicola Lave

The right kind of lawyer

Nicola Laver asks, is there a right or wrong kind of person to be a solicitor