Local government

Helping Ireland’s unmarried mothers tell their stories

Rod Baker hopes that a new pro bono initiative supporting those affected by the Irish Mother and Baby Homes will allow for a comprehensive investigation of a painful chapter in the country'

04 Jul 2016

Timely delivery for regeneration projects

Mark Bassett considers some of the legal issues and challenges that local authorities can face as they attempt to regenerate their localities, taking lessons from the well-documented Wincheste

04 Jul 2016

Liberty calls for public inquiry into Deepcut abuses

Witnesses deserve chance to speak out about their experiences to protect future recruits, says military claim

21 Jun 2016

Privacy arguments before the courts reach record high

Celebrities put breach of privacy claims back in th

14 Jun 2016

Where have Cameron’s promised reforms to EU membership gone?

The foundations were non-existent for the prime minister's red card and emergency brake on benefits policies, writes Tho

07 Jun 2016

Here’s to Her Majesty and other licensing developments

Jeremy Phillips considers an order made in celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday, the relationship between licensing and immigration issues, and the balance of public health an

07 Jun 2016

Battle for the green belt

The decision in Lee Valley casts some light on provisions of the NPPF regarding when a development can be considered 'appropriate' in the green belt, writes Victori

02 Jun 2016

‘Overstretched’ criminal justice system close to breaking point, say MPs

Victims at mercy of a postcode lottery for access to justice according to PA

27 May 2016

Guardianship law delay causing ‘distress’, Labour warns

Interests of missing people best served by a court-appointed guardian, says Clifford Chanc

17 May 2016