Human rights

Ban on full-face veil in public 'proportionate' limitation on freedom of religio

Domestic law-makers have wide discretion in matter of general policy but case shouldn’t be seen as setting wider precedent, judge

12 Jul 2017

Rape as a tool of war

Sexual violence against women is no longer seen as just a by-product of conflict, yet there is still more to be done to ensure perpetrators of rape are brought to justice, writes Hilar

11 Jul 2017

MoUs against torture: Worth the paper they’re written on?

It may be difficult to comply with human rights law while deporting those accused of terrorism, but scrapping the Human Rights Act is not the answer, says Be

11 Jul 2017

Overcoming businesses’ misconception of human rights

Junior lawyers are well placed to promote shared values and benefit from those who fail to see their importance, writes Matthe

10 Jul 2017

Human rights and public law in the courts

Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC considers some of the judgments of constitutional and public importance that have been handed down this yea

05 Jul 2017

Lawyers back inquiry over inquest into Grenfell fire

Interests of the victims must not be sidelined, says human right

20 Jun 2017

High Court hears challenge to government’s closure of Dubs scheme

Government consultation with local authorities was ‘seriously flawed’, says human right

20 Jun 2017

Laws allowing ‘unpredictably high’ libel damages awards breach press freedom

Rules preventing judges from giving juries detailed directions breach article 10 ECHR, says Strasbour

15 Jun 2017

Supreme Court: NI residents must pay for abortions in England

Health secretary has a duty to prevent illness arising from an unwanted pregnancy, say dissentin

14 Jun 2017