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How should your company prepare for Brexit?

In the face of continuing uncertainty, the best advice for firms is to think through how operations may be affected and conduct a rigorous risk assessment, write Constantin Achillas and Rober

07 Apr 2017

Brexit and the legal services market jigsaw

One piece of the puzzle has fallen into place but uncertainty over the whole persists, writes Iai

04 Apr 2017

Divorcing EU plus some kingly advice

Article 50 has been invoked, but Brexit uncertainty looks set to remain for some time, writes John van de

31 Mar 2017

Lord Chancellor has constitutional duty to defend judiciary, says Lord Neuberger

President of Supreme Court backs Lord Thomas’ criticism of Li

29 Mar 2017

Clarifying exclusive competence

It is no surprise to find the CJEU re-asserting a more aggressive approach to armonisation and the division of competences, writes Paul Stanle

28 Mar 2017

What effect will Brexit have on health and safety?

Annabel Chadwick explains how several factors may impact the future of UK health and safet

28 Mar 2017

Fighting the death penalty in Trinidad

Execution of the intellectually disabled is unconstitutional in Trinidad, but it remains for the president to give respite, explains Katherin

28 Mar 2017

Brexit: Criminal justice cooperation ‘vital’ to combat terrorism

EU arrangements should not be used as ‘bargaining chips’ i

27 Mar 2017

Brexit: A costly venture for victims of accidents abroad

Jennifer Lund considers the EU laws which UK citizens currently rely upon to pursue claims arising out of accidents on th

23 Mar 2017