What makes an activity a sport?

Is Bridge a sport or not? Sport England and the Charity Commission have completely contradicted each other on the debate, but the courts will soon have their sa

25 Jun 2015

Charity Commission issues donation warning

Charities have recently been accused of funding groups with terroris

24 Jun 2015

Charity Commission to receive new powers

Charity Commission chairman believes new legislation will be 'vital' to stop charities being abuse

28 May 2015

Professional advisers are failing to provide philanthropy advice

Free advice on philanthropy is likely to foster a deeper relationship as well as potential futur

27 May 2015

Consultations and changes in charity law

Sarah Clune discusses new guidance on charity trustees' duties and the funding of non-charitabl

21 Apr 2015

The icing on the cake

Maximising tax relief benefits on donations will go a long way to helping charities continue to pursue their cause, advise Tim Norkett and Pete

16 Apr 2015

Is shooting a sport?

Darren Hooker ponders why the Charity Commission refuses to recognise shooting as a sport, even though it is recognised by Sport England and has its own national governin

13 Mar 2015

Charity Commission calls on Stone King to manage allegedly corrupt charity

Al-Fatiha Global under scrutiny following supposed involvement in support for Syria

12 Jan 2015

Maintaining a social conscience

Trustees will be able to take investment decisions with greater confidence under reforms to the law governing social investment, says Sara

16 Dec 2014