Charities and Appeals Supplement Autumn/Winter 2015

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22 Dec 2015

Kids Company and beyond

Jo Coleman considers how charities can improve their governance in the light of the Kids Compan

22 Dec 2015

'From the Frontline to Recovery'

Fiona Walters discusses the rich history of the Defence Medical Welfare Service and its continuing work providing practical and emotional support to members of the arme

21 Dec 2015

The perks and pitfalls of testamentary charitable giving

Amelia Beringer and John Fitzgerald advise on the use of charitable legacies to reduce an estate's inheritance ta

21 Dec 2015

Care Act: How to afford and manage the changes

The Care Act 2014 paved the way for the biggest change in social care law in England for 60 years. Lynn Buckley gives an overview of the ke

21 Dec 2015

Best practice for managing legacy disputes

The sooner a charity takes steps to address the situation in a legacy dispute, the better placed it will be to reach a prompt and cost-effective solution, advises Letici

21 Dec 2015

The dangers of DIY wills

Oliver Embley sets out some of the issues to consider when drafting a will and considers recent developments in wil

21 Dec 2015

Can charities restore the public's confidence?

Clive Vergnaud and Darren Hooker consider the recent storm of allegations about charities' fundraising methods and proposals for the regulation of thes

21 Dec 2015

Moving on from scandal

Sarah Clune gives an overview of an eventful few months in the charity sector, from the outcry over fundraising methods to the closure of Kid

15 Dec 2015