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Being open about higher costs will help justify a higher fee

Conveyancers should be brave enough to start charging clients for the additional work ?they are expected to produce under the latest mortgage lenders'

12 Nov 2013

Time to grow your conveyancing business?

Bulk conveyancers will be first in line to make the best of ?the upturn in the property market, but you too could benefit, ?says Kent solicitor Pete

22 Oct 2013

Conveyancing portal pilots to start next year

'This puts us in fairly and squarely in the 21s

22 Oct 2013

Second phase of Help to Buy ‘good news for solicitors’

Problem for conveyancers is 'how to get the right qualit

07 Oct 2013

Licensed conveyancers limit expansion bid to ‘property-related’ litigation

CLC wants to 'focus on core strengths' in approach t

03 Oct 2013

Property Focus | The buying and selling game

As the property market is predicted to pick up across Britain, Alec Samuels reviews key cases and legislation on estat

26 Sep 2013

Scottish solicitors vote against separate representation

Move defeated by wider than expected margin of 847 t

24 Sep 2013

Chancel repair: the risk lives on

Instead of abolishing chancel repair liability law, parliament has chosen to perpetuate the risk for homebuyers and their lawyers, says Liverpool solicitor

20 Sep 2013

How the lenders made CQS ‘the only game in town’

'In a way it's jobs for the boys, but that's the way life is at the moment' - solicitors question the value of the qualit

13 Sep 2013


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