Fracking: What you need to consider

Chris Loaring and Andrew Wiseman on how to appropriately advise clients who are living or buying property in energy exploratio

10 Jul 2015

Law Society’s online conveyancing portal takes off

Eighty anonymous law firms take part in initial launch phase as rest of the market waits for feedback o

26 May 2015

It's big data, not the big bang

Technology that allows you to harness and cultivate data will level the playing field between conveyancing firms in years to come, explains Mar

19 May 2015

Joe Bloggs law firms handling more conveyancing transactions than in 2007

Recession survivors see volumes hit a ten-year high as seven firms complete over 6,000 transactions i

16 Mar 2015

Win more conveyancing work

Searches UK offers a number of products to assist companies in generating more business and protecting their clients, says Lis

26 Feb 2015

Who's in the driving seat: the estate agent or solicitor?

Conveyancers need to go further in harnassing technology and improving relationships with estate agents to gain more market influence, argues Mar

27 Jan 2015

Notice on stamp duty reform would be welcome

Stamp duty reform caught conveyancing solicitors on the hop, says Kathry

20 Jan 2015

Conveyancers’ optimism cools as housing market slows down

Less than one third of respondents saw work volumes increase in the las

14 Jan 2015

Osborne announces complete reform of stamp duty tax

Osborne expects tax payers to save almost £800m a year due to th

03 Dec 2014