Putting consumer protection first

The FCA’s recent decision to take criminal action demonstrates its commitment to the regulation of consumer credit and to ensuring that people are working within their permissions, writes Jame

02 Mar 2017

Which building contract?

Understanding basic construction contract structures will enable non-construction lawyers to ensure a fit with the rest of the project’s legal framework, explains Chri

28 Feb 2017

Business critical hires overtake luxury players

Bolstered by regional investment, the Midlands’ commercial contracts jobs market has changed post-Brexit vote. James Brewster explains how an

28 Feb 2017

Freerunning lawyers

North East-based Muckle helps parkour gain recognition as

23 Feb 2017

Commercial Bar under fire for promoting Dubai as a world arbitration centre

UAE ‘an immature’ legal system that is ‘subject to regular abuse’, says U

23 Feb 2017

Argos loses trade mark and passing off claim

‘David and Goliath’ case shows the ‘online land-grab’ between brands is heatin

22 Feb 2017

Strength in numbers

The VW litigation could increase the popularity of group actions in the UK, says Jad

21 Feb 2017

Europe still sets the pace

Julian Morris considers a CJEU ruling on what constitutes the cancellation of a flight, foreign jurisdiction issues, and a recent epidemic of holiday sicknes

14 Feb 2017

Freezing point

Windrush is a useful reminder of the importance of taking care when drafting freezing orders and consenting to continuation, writes Git

14 Feb 2017