Freelancing: a new era?

Despite some high-profile naysaying early on, the introduction of freelance solicitors may yet re-shape the legal landscape

11 Dec 2019 | Career development

Commercial lawyers urged to embrace the future

The Chancellor of the High Court has urged commercial lawyers to embrace the technologies driving modern businesses before they are left behind.

14 Nov 2019 | Commercial

The sky’s the limit

It’s a long way from her childhood ambition of stand-up comedy but Suzanne Liversidge is embarking on a monumental new leadership role at Kennedys, and pla

Digital tension with the law

Tom Pritchard asks whether it’s time for digital witnesses following the Law Commission report on electronic execution

01 Oct 2019 | Commercial

A matter of intention

Mark Reading and Isabel Lich analyse the first application of the Franses conditional intention test for landlords in the context o

13 Sep 2019 | Commercial

Fair price, quality work: attracting SMEs

David Kirwan explains why we need to teach SMEs to judge lawyers on quality rather tha

Consortium launches no-win, no-fee commercial litigation

A consortium of high street law firms is extending PI-style ‘no-win, no-fee’ litigation to commercia

14 Aug 2019 | Commercial

Coastal real estate: key issues around marine licensing and harbour limits

Solicitors who have clients owning, developing or looking to purchase property or land around the coast of Britain need to consider a range of additional l

31 Jul 2019 | Commercial

SMEs lose out as legal system set up for big business, says research

Up to 2.4m small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), start-ups and the self-employed are being let down by the legal system and could be falling into a leg

29 Jul 2019 | Commercial

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