Update | Construction: letters of intent

Chris Holwell examines letters of intent and asks if they are a safe tool for your clients t

31 May 2013

Enforcing squatters' human rights

Does the new law on criminal trespass have the potential for contravening a squatter's human rights? Sandra Clarke and Mark Pawlowsk

17 May 2013

Update | Commercial property: TVG developments, quiet enjoyment, wind farm plann

Magnus Hassett looks at ?recent case developments surrounding TVGs, the ?meaning of quiet enjoyment ?and wind far

17 May 2013

Moving in, moving out: will judges allow adverse possession claims based on an o

Squatting in a residential property became an offence in September 2012, but it will be up to the courts to determine whether an existing trespasser will be able to acquire title by advers

08 Mar 2013

Update | Commercial property: current trends in lease renewals, nuisance covenan

Magnus Hassett considers current trends in lease renewals, a recent case ?on nuisance covenants, the most recent revision to the energy efficiency scheme, and when the ?court will re-draft

08 Mar 2013

Commercial property lawyers welcome Supreme Court’s ‘common sense’ ruling

Landlord did not cause prejudice to tenants for failing to provide details of planned buildin

07 Mar 2013

Update | Construction: information under an audit clause

Understanding the extent of information that contractors may be expected to produce ?under an audit clause is becoming increasingly important, says Chri

15 Feb 2013

Are you advising on Cumulative Impact Zones?

Jeremy Phillips highlights the increased risks and difficulties faced by 
landlords with property in cumulative impac

08 Feb 2013

Property Focus | Invoking article 8 for squatters in commercial properties

In a year which has seen an influx of squatters into commercial buildings, a recent case now suggests that squatters may be permitted to raise article 8 defences, says Luc

13 Dec 2012