FTSE 100 companies invest in the rule of law

Businesses can help make the world a safer and more equitable place, says Lord Chie

18 Jan 2017 | Commercial

Don’t be presumptuous

Natasha Rees, Lauren Archer, and Miri Stickland consider the lack of clarity on sustainable developments, cautionary drafting tales, and precarious rights

17 Jan 2017 | Commercial

Lawyers split over consultation on reform of corporate crime

‘Failure to prevent’ fraud offence could be an easy political win for Theres

13 Jan 2017 | Commercial

Solicitor QCs: Silk goes to big-ticket commercial litigators

More solicitors and a more diverse picture in latest Q

12 Jan 2017 | Career development

E-commerce and privacy: How private is ‘private’?

The British public remains sceptical about the protection of their online data, presenting a challenge for online business owners, argues Car

10 Jan 2017 | Commercial

Tmgroup partners with GeoSmart to offer drainage due diligence reports for lawyers

Commercial property practitioners will be able to access the full range of reports on sustainable drainage systems for thei

06 Jan 2017 | Commercial

Mind what you say

John de Waal QC advises on the enforceability of anti-oral variation clauses following decisions in Globe an

22 Dec 2016 | Commercial

A bite-sized update on the Energy Efficiency Regulations

Edward Glass advises practitioners on preparing their landlord clients for the minimum energy efficienc

22 Dec 2016 | Commercial

Partnerships and leases: A bad combination?

As the courts have inadvertently made it inadvisable for traditional partnerships to hold leases, Simon Hartley considers alternat

22 Dec 2016 | Commercial

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