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A bite-sized update on the Energy Efficiency Regulations

Edward Glass advises practitioners on preparing their landlord clients for the minimum energy efficienc

22 Dec 2016

Partnerships and leases: A bad combination?

As the courts have inadvertently made it inadvisable for traditional partnerships to hold leases, Simon Hartley considers alternat

22 Dec 2016

Partitions and vacant possession

David Sawtell and Erol Topal consider the implications of Riverside Park for landlords and tenants with a break clause requiring vacan

22 Dec 2016

‘Mid-tier’ firms urged to rethink business strategy

Ramp-up market research to boost long term profits, advise

19 Dec 2016

Pre-action conduct in commercial disputes

The introduction of the pre-action protocol has significantly reduced the prospect of being ‘ambushed’ by proceedings in Northern Ireland, explains Amand

19 Dec 2016

Lies, damned lies, and collateral

Charlotte Gregory considers fraudulent devices after the Supreme Court’s decision i

06 Dec 2016

The importance of being earnest (in your inspection)

Amy France, James Noble, and Alexandra Townsend-Wheeler highlight some points for practitioners to look out for, including discrepancies in the boundaries

23 Nov 2016

Online bargains: The disruptors disrupted

Manufacturers are responding to the growth of e-commerce with new distribution agreements that could be regarded as unlawful, suggests Jonatha

18 Oct 2016

Bribery Act 2010: The story so far

The admittedly limited results under the Act so far should not engender any complacency in the commercial world, warns Khawar Quresh

29 Sep 2016


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