IT failure will cost British Airways ‘heavily’

Group litigation ‘very unlikely’ unless airline doesn’t pay up, say

30 May 2017 | Commercial

Law Society abused dominant position over CQS training courses

Chancery Lane maintains decisions were taken in good faith and in the publi

Commercial litigation: Asset-stripping and judgment avoidance

The ruling in Marex Financials provides a new useful tool against third parties dissipating a judgment debtor's assets, says Leig

26 May 2017 | Commercial

Interpretation of contract: look at the quality of the drafting

In striking a balance between competing interpretations the court must consider the quality of the drafting of a clause. Alec Samuels considers Wood v Capi

23 May 2017 | Commercial

Data protection, client information, and subject access requests

Jonathan Swift QC considers the lines of defence available to firms faced with a subject access request, and whether they should be treated as data control

22 May 2017 | Commercial

Under threat: fighting off intellectual property litigation bullies

Simon Miles considers the changes to the law on unjustified threats introduced by the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Ac

15 May 2017 | Commercial

Conveyancer liable for losses to buyer who pulled out of purchase

Bird & Bird solicitor failed to carry out investigations that would have revealed planne

10 May 2017 | Commercial

Unfair prejudice: Supercars, yachts, and other excesses

There are occasions when the courts overcome their reluctance to become involved with commercial decisions of the board, explains Sinea

08 May 2017 | Commercial

Conditional fees in publication proceedings after Times Newspapers v Flood

The Supreme Court’s decision in Flood has not provided the clarity hoped for in relation to future recovery of success fees and ATE premiums, says Steve

08 May 2017 | Commercial

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