Unfair prejudice: Supercars, yachts, and other excesses

There are occasions when the courts overcome their reluctance to become involved with commercial decisions of the board, explains Sinea

08 May 2017

Conditional fees in publication proceedings after Times Newspapers v Flood

The Supreme Court’s decision in Flood has not provided the clarity hoped for in relation to future recovery of success fees and ATE premiums, says Steve

08 May 2017

Contractual interpretation: It doesn't have to make sense

Matthew Wescott and John Bramhall consider the obstacles in the way of those seeking to persuade a court that a commercial contract is void fo

03 May 2017

The consequences of Brexit for British football

The outcome of negotiations with the EU could have a significant effect on the ability of UK clubs to recruit talented players, says Dr Gregor

03 May 2017

Calling time on the Licensing Act?

Jeremy Phillips discusses the recent report of the House of Lords’ recommendations on the operation of the 2003 licensin

26 Apr 2017

The reality of DPAs

The courts are taking an increasingly broad approach to satisfy the interests of justice criteria for deferred prosecution agreements, writes Lis

25 Apr 2017

Solicitors on costs management: ‘Better the devil you know’

Perceived client preference for fixed recoverable costs splits PI and commercial practitione

11 Apr 2017

How should your company prepare for Brexit?

In the face of continuing uncertainty, the best advice for firms is to think through how operations may be affected and conduct a rigorous risk assessment, write Constantin Achillas and Rober

07 Apr 2017

Frankfurt eyes London’s commercial litigation crown

Brexit uncertainty, an underfunded civil justice system, and a less diverse judiciary are causes fo

07 Apr 2017