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Professional negligence

Professional negligence claims against law firms triple

Lenders lead rush of redress for post credit-crunch property losse

04 Dec 2014

HJA wins second apology and damages from The Times

News UK broadsheet admits in open court to incorrect MM

24 Nov 2014

The pen is mightier than the sword

Tom Pelham despairs at the number of practitioners ill-prepared for professional negligenc

20 Aug 2014

Professional negligence update

Sarah Clover and Joseph Moore discuss procedural changes in litigation that should influence the number and nature of future faile

15 Jul 2014

The coalface of professional negligence

Questioning your former client's honesty and disputing your own expert medical evidence will not be tolerated, says Rober

11 Jun 2014

Professional negligence update

The recent decision in Clark confirms the finality of the Financial Ombudsman Service scheme, explains Phili

14 Apr 2014

Professional negligence update

Emilie Jones and Rachael Waring examine the thorny issue of obtaining disclosure of defendants' indemnity insuranc

08 Jan 2014

Miners’ compensation firms could face ‘thousands’ of negligence claims

County court rules in favour of claimants but doubts over post-Jackson fundin

08 Aug 2013


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