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Professional negligence

M&A due diligence after Brexit

Paul Raftery and Anna Kerrane highlight some of the areas of due diligence which prudent buyers should consider in light of the UK’s withdrawal from th

15 Nov 2016

A solution looking for a problem

The SRA’s ‘Looking to the Future’ consultation risks creating unnecessary uncertainty for solicitors in traditional practices, especially in compliance rol

18 Oct 2016

Considerations when changing experts

Following Allen Tod Architecture, there is a risk that all privileged documents in which the first expert provides their opinion are potentially disclosabl

27 Sep 2016

The legal fallout from the Panama Papers

Mossack Fonseca's loss may be other lawyers' gain if the firm's clients decide to bring claims against it, writes Sara

19 Apr 2016

Solicitors liable for half-million-pound property fraud

Conveyancers have joint responsibility to protect purchaser'

14 Apr 2016

Standard of care

Eleanor Kilner considers a recent case that highlights the importance of the factual matrix and context in professional negligenc

15 Mar 2016

Decisions, decisions, decisions: Referrals to the SDT

Martina Hogg discusses the faults of the current - and previous - process for referral of matters to th

19 Feb 2016

Professional negligence claims against law firms almost halves

Though stats could be skewed due to dormant property and conveyancin

25 Jan 2016

Cameron wades in on Leigh Day’s conduct in Al Sweady inquiry

Human rights firm defends its work the 'British rule of law in action' as prime minister criticise

06 Jan 2016


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