Professional negligence

New Year’s resolutions for COLPs

Key priorities for compliance officers include preparing for the new data protection regulation and conducting an audit of their firm’s training needs, advises Michell

A question of trust?

The importance for property professionals of recognising ‘red flags’ in conveyancing transactions is underlined by the recent decision in Purrunsing, write James Robins and Ivan Root

Lessons in liability risks

Decisions in claims against lawyers have been ‘mixed to favourable’ this year, but there is a big fly hovering over the ointment for early 2017, writes Nic

Moving on from Bolam

The High Court has extended the Montgomery test to a case involving financial professionals, explains The

M&A due diligence after Brexit

Paul Raftery and Anna Kerrane highlight some of the areas of due diligence which prudent buyers should consider in light of the UK’s withdrawal from th

A solution looking for a problem

The SRA’s ‘Looking to the Future’ consultation risks creating unnecessary uncertainty for solicitors in traditional practices, especially in compliance roles, writes Michell

Considerations when changing experts

Following Allen Tod Architecture, there is a risk that all privileged documents in which the first expert provides their opinion are potentially disclosable, explains Eleano