Professional negligence

Corporate manslaughter: the new rules

The Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007 may not be perfect but both organisations and individuals should prepare themselves for its impact, says Gerar

09 Nov 2007

A positive development?

In the first of a series articles on the new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, Gordon Exall assesses the scope of civil liability and the importance of breach of statutor

12 Oct 2007

Update: immigration and asylum

Jane Coker reviews the latest immigration rule changes as well as cases on country guidance, asylum and human right

17 Aug 2007

Clinical negligence and PI

Dr Jock Mackenzie on causation and general practitioners, and Vijay Ganapathy on success fees, ex turpi causa and untraced driver

03 Aug 2007

It’s not all fair in love and war

The House of Lords in Hello! v OK! has stretched the rules on breach of confidence to an extent yet to be assessed, say Dan Tench and Ashle

06 Jul 2007

Higher standards

Many of the rules in the recently issued Solicitors’ Regulation Authority new code of conduct for solictors are based on well-known principles but they take a more direct approach. David Barto

22 Jun 2007

Renewing insurance

In anticipation of solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance later this year, Michael J Wilson reviews the mai

22 Jun 2007

An energy efficient future

Despite teething problems, energy performance certificates will become a critical element of modern days’ property ownership, predicts Sandr

21 Jun 2007