Professional negligence

More than a nuisance: personal injury under Rylands

Although not authoritatively decided, damages for personal injury should be recoverable under the Rylands rule, provided the injury arises consequentially upon interference with land, says Mar

A prejudiced rehearsal?

Keith Wilding welcomes the less adversarial and more flexible approach taken to welfare benefit fraud prosecution under the new tribunal

Update: competition

Lesley Davey reviews the European Commission’s policy on abuse of dominant position, block exemptions, the application of State aid rules in the context of the economic crisis, and the OFT’s ne

The recovery position

The current climate is likely to create more work for litigators but lawyers themselves could increasingly end up as defendants in professional negligence claims brought by lenders, says Georgin

Update: commercial

Sara Partington considers liability for conversion, the dangers of including an arbitration clause in standard terms and conditions, vexatious litigants and the risk of incurring interest o

Spaghetti trees at the SRA

April Fool’s Day didn’t really feature in my life until 2002 when some friends produced their first child, a son. My husband was highly amused by this perceived social faux pas and wove into hi

A fertile topic

On the face of it the Yearworth case has merely resolved a narrow point on the ownership of sperm but it also re-opens a range of ethical and legal questions on the status of live body parts, say