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Professional negligence

It’s a long, unclear story

The House of Lords has referred O’Byrne to the Court of Justice for a second time, but are we expecting too much by insisting on absolute clarity from the

28 Oct 2008

Quantum matters

The new road traffic accident claims reforms leave much to be desired when it comes to the principles of justice and equity, says Olive

21 Oct 2008

Demanding times

As the credit crunch bites harder,and recession looms large, what can we expect the insolvency landscape to look like over the next six months? asks Kathry

14 Oct 2008

Trends: property

Some forward-thinking conveyancing practices are seeing the current property market downturn not as a disaster, but an opportunity. Jenny Ramag

23 Sep 2008

Part of the package

Only some of the passengers on the Qantas flight forced to make an emergency landing in Manila could seek compensation for psychological shock, says Davi

05 Aug 2008

Watching the watchdog

After a setback in its price-fixing case against supermarkets and a temporary victory in the bank charges, is the Office of Fair Trading really the people’

08 Jul 2008

Update: professional negligence

Spike Charlwood reviews cases on the test of dishonesty in civil proceedings, loss of a chance claims, the first case on limitation after Sephton, and clai

24 Jun 2008

REACH’s impact on personal injury

New requirements under European chemicals legislation will have major implications for safety lawyers, says Victori

10 Jun 2008

Catastrophic injuries are best left to experts

Non-specialists should be wary of tackling catastrophic injury claims, as illustrated by a recent case that resulted in a record-breaking structured settle

02 Jun 2008


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