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Professional negligence

The recovery position

The current climate is likely to create more work for litigators but lawyers themselves could increasingly end up as defendants in professional negligence

31 Mar 2009

Update: commercial

Sara Partington considers liability for conversion, the dangers of including an arbitration clause in standard terms and conditions, vexatious litigants an

24 Mar 2009

Spaghetti trees at the SRA

April Fool’s Day didn’t really feature in my life until 2002 when some friends produced their first child, a son. My husband was highly amused by this perc

24 Mar 2009

A fertile topic

On the face of it the Yearworth case has merely resolved a narrow point on the ownership of sperm but it also re-opens a range of ethical and legal questio

10 Mar 2009

Update: professional negligence

Spike Charlwood and Alice Nash review the latest cases on limitation for loss claims, the standard of care expected of barristers and solicitors, and liabi

10 Mar 2009

Preparing for any contingency

Contingency fees have the potential to deliver proportionate costs, access to justice and new business opportunities, says Frase

24 Feb 2009

Update: agriculture

James Falkner reviews a rare agricultural tenancy case, new environmental regulations affecting farming, and protection of land from becoming

10 Feb 2009

Update: professional negligence

Spike Charlwood and Alice Nash review the latest cases on dishonesty, limitation and witness immunity, and consider how the principles of 'loss of a chance

16 Dec 2008

A fertile subject

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 has opened up new definitions of parenthood potentially affecting the work of all private client practition

09 Dec 2008


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