Professional negligence

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All the care in the world

Malcolm Johnson considers whether child abuse claims involving foster carers will leave local authorities open to vicariou

21 Jul 2009 | Children

Practice Area

BVT for civil legal aid could start next year

Best value tendering for civil legal aid contracts could start next year, it ha

07 Jul 2009 | Funding

Practice Area

A fine intervention

In taking a broad interpretation to the Commission’s right to intervene in national competition cases the European court has made a sensible decision, says


Placing the blame

Partners in a firm have a duty to act in good faith to other partners, but when are they personally liable for their own negligence and when is it the firm

23 Jun 2009 | Courts & Judiciary

Practice Area

Update: professional negligence

Spike Charlwood and Alice Nash review cases on rectification and contribution, as well as decisions involving share purchase agreements, communication prob

19 May 2009 | Police & Prisons

Practice Area

Update: personal tax and trusts

David Bird considers written agreements, the main provisions of the Perpetuities and Accumulations Bill, the new tax tribunal system, interest rates and th

12 May 2009 | Procedures

Practice Area

More than a nuisance: personal injury under Rylands

Although not authoritatively decided, damages for personal injury should be recoverable under the Rylands rule, provided the injury arises consequentially

21 Apr 2009 | Procedures

Practice Area

A prejudiced rehearsal?

Keith Wilding welcomes the less adversarial and more flexible approach taken to welfare benefit fraud prosecution under the new tribunal

07 Apr 2009 | Local government

Practice Area

Update: competition

Lesley Davey reviews the European Commission’s policy on abuse of dominant position, block exemptions, the application of State aid rules in the context of


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