Professional negligence

Update: professional negligence

The law lords' ruling in Moore Stephens has re-opened the debate about the precise scope of the ex turpi causa principle, says Spike Charlwoo

22 Sep 2009

First contact

Building relationships is essential to the success of every law firm and gaining contacts by networking can be simple and enjoyable, says Jennifer Overhau

15 Sep 2009

Lawyers without frontiers: Fiji after the coup

The military coup that overthrew the legitimately elected government of Fiji two years ago remains a threat to the rule of law and to the independence of lawyers, says Sar

15 Sep 2009

What's in store?

Solicitors should ensure they fulfil their duty to oversee the preservation of electronically stored information, or risk facing a negligence claim, says Joh

08 Sep 2009

Running the risk

Alleging fraud is a high-risk strategy and claimants looking to do so should proceed with caution, says Clar

08 Sep 2009

Pitfalls for the unwary

Solicitors must ensure they understand their duties towards LEI insurers and claims management companies or risk a claim being brought against them, says Aliso

08 Sep 2009

Loud and clear

Lawyers must make sure they communicate with clients clearly to avoid any misunderstandings and explain all the options, even if there is a risk the advice will make them unpopular, says Anne-Mari

18 Aug 2009

Wealthy widow wins negligence action over "back to front" error in will

A wealthy widow has won her negligence claim against Surrey solicitors Triggs Wilkinson Mann at the Hig

18 Aug 2009

All the care in the world

Malcolm Johnson considers whether child abuse claims involving foster carers will leave local authorities open to vicariou

21 Jul 2009