Professional negligence

Silent witness

Claimants in conveyancing negligence cases should be permitted to use legal experts where the judge has little understanding or experience of property law,

02 Feb 2010 | Conveyancing

Vodka wins protection from VODKAT

Diageo, producer of Smirnoff vodka, has won a High Court passing off action against the producers of VODKAT, a mixture of vodka and fermented alcohol

01 Feb 2010 | Expert witness

LSB confirms 2010 regulatory framework

The Legal Services Board has published its final rules on the new regulatory framework applicable to the legal sector from Januar

11 Dec 2009 | Conveyancing

In the name of duty

The scope of the standard of care owed to clients may have widened, but the courts are unlikely to find practitioners liable for faults which are not relat

08 Dec 2009 | Discrimination

Experts in family proceedings to be identified

Experts appearing as witnesses in family proceedings could be named under proposals unveiled by the Ministry of Justic

20 Nov 2009 | Children

Charity Tribunal backs concerned Dartford residents

The Charity Tribunal has upheld in part the appeal by two Dartford residents who objected to the sale of land by an unregistered charity run by the loca

18 Nov 2009 | Charities

Shifting gears

The large amount of financial litigation that is likely to arise out of the recession will take a different form from previous litigation, creating new cha

27 Oct 2009 | Costs

Update: professional negligence

The law lords' ruling in Moore Stephens has re-opened the debate about the precise scope of the ex turpi causa principle, says Spike Charlwoo

First contact

Building relationships is essential to the success of every law firm and gaining contacts by networking can be simple and enjoyable, says Jennifer Overhau

15 Sep 2009 | Landlord & Tenant

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