Professional negligence

Sound advice

As the dust of Levicom settles, it is just a case of keep calm and carry on, say Georgina Squire and Julie

19 Jul 2010

Disabled boy cannot sue for human rights breach over lack of education

A disabled boy who was out of school for 18 months while waiting for a place at a residential special school cannot sue his council for breach of human rights, the Supreme Court ha

19 Jul 2010

Cutting a fine line

The Court of Appeal’s latest approach to solicitors’ duties highlights the need for practitioners to exercise caution when advising clients, say Laura Taylor and Pete

08 Jun 2010

Seats of power

The coalition government has put constitutional reform and the protection of civil liberties right at the heart of the parliamentary agenda. Seamus Burns explains the changes t

24 May 2010

Update: professional negligence

Victoria Brackett and Katie Papworth consider recent decisions on expert witness immunity, summary judgment in professional indemnity cases, termination of a retainer and the latest o

11 May 2010

Cutting class

With education forming a key plank of the manifestos of all three main political parties, and cuts in funding likely whoever wins the election, lawyers should brace themselves for a further raft o

04 May 2010

The legal aid time bomb

The successive bodies in charge of administering legal aid have been storing up trouble for the future, and the decision to make the Legal Services Commission an executive agency will furthe

23 Mar 2010

MoJ suspends Cartel Client Review

The Ministry of Justice has suspended the authorisation of Cartel Client Review (CCR), one of the country’s biggest claims management firms. The MoJ had been investigating the company for some tim

19 Mar 2010

Setting a new course

Parties to divorce proceedings can rely on an increasing number of remedies outside the traditional sphere of ancillary relief to secure their rights, say Amy Radnor and Gran

09 Mar 2010