Professional negligence

Cornish pasties win protected status

Cornish pasties made in Cornwall and based on a traditional recipe won protected status from the European Commissio

New franchise offers ABS-proof structure

Law firms seeking to gear up ahead of 6 October will be able to federate under a new brand presenting itself as an alternative to existing pre-ABS structur

14 Feb 2011 | Children

Update: professional negligence

Katie Papworth and Andrew Nixon review developments in professional privilege, valuers' duties and putting a date o

Show me the money

Tim Polli investigates what the last recession can teach us about tackling a boom in lender's litigatio

Update: commercial property

Ben Brayford and Eugene McMahon consider the recent OFT guidance on land agreements, what recent case law tells us about tenants' break clauses and a rulin

15 Nov 2010 | Divorce

Consumer brands launch Tesco law prototype

Two of the high street's most well-known consumer brands have officially set up prototype alternative business structures to offer legal services direct to

Clean slate

Are tablet devices going to be a game changer for lawyers in the same way smart phones have been? Damian Blackbur

Update: professional negligence

Eve McBrinn and Andrew Nixon review disclosure in professional indemnity cases, substitution of parties, and the latest in the Levico

20 Sep 2010 | Procedures

Sound advice

As the dust of Levicom settles, it is just a case of keep calm and carry on, say Georgina Squire and Julie

19 Jul 2010 | Children

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