Overuse of email is bringing legal profession to its knees

Lawyer-client confidentiality is under threat, but are firms facing up to the cybercrime challenge, asks Matthe

10 Mar 2016

The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter - March 9, 1912

The Legal Aspect of the Suffragis

08 Mar 2016

Employer liable for employee’s criminal act at work

Retailers could see spike in claims from offended customers, say

04 Mar 2016

Foreign government requests for fraud information up 62 per cent

Cyber-enabled fraud the largest single category of MLA requests received by the Hom

03 Mar 2016

NAO: Criminal justice system not delivering value for money

£21.5m wasted on preparing cases that were not heard in court, repor

01 Mar 2016

First reported case on the shorter trials scheme

Questions have been answered on whether cases can be transferred into the STS and whether this case fell within the class of cases appropriate for the STS, writes E

25 Feb 2016

Supreme Court overturns ‘illogical’ Cookson principle

Controversial House of Lords rulings dismissed as being out of touch with the present lega

24 Feb 2016

First corporate conviction for failure to prevent bribery

Investigation and £2.25m fine has severe commercial impact on Sweett Group's operations, says white collar crim

23 Feb 2016

Trial by media

Paul Gambaccini talks to SJ about his experiences of police bail, tabloid feeding frenzies, and the rise of the reputatio

23 Feb 2016