Zac Attack: It’s Goldsmith versus Khan and it’s getting nasty

A politician has once again brushed over the principles of the rule of law, but the Zac Attack goes further than harming just Khan, writes John van de

15 Apr 2016

R v Jogee: Supreme Court orders retrial in ‘joint enterprise’ case

Fresh jury to approach matter anew as court stresses need for

07 Apr 2016

Former England captain left stumped over ‘terrorist-defending lawyers’

Unnamed advocate highlights need for 'fairness' however 'grotesque' th

31 Mar 2016

Joint enterprise: Putting the law right

Celia Marr and Diana Czugler discuss the recent judgment reforming elements of the law on joint enterprise, the latest on disclosure of criminal records, and the revised allocatio

29 Mar 2016

FBI unlocks iPhone as data privacy battle continues

'Principled' mobile giant locked in fight to restore trust, says lega

29 Mar 2016

BBC Four’s The Prosecutors failed to deliver

A chance to reveal the real workings of the CJS has been wasted by something resembling The Office, writes John Cooper Q

29 Mar 2016

Forgiven and forgotten?: Disclosure of criminal records

The courts’ struggle to balance public safety against fairness to former offenders will continue with four upcoming appeals, writes Richar

23 Mar 2016

Better late than never: Late payment of damages

Roger Franklin discusses the introduction of the Enterprise Bill 2015, which will place an insurer under a duty to pay policyholders with valid claims within a reasonabl

15 Mar 2016

No ‘avalanche’ of releases after first successful ‘joint enterprise’ ruling

CPS expected to consider charges alternatives, says crimina

11 Mar 2016