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How to respond to online banking fraud

Sophia Purkis and Lisa Serrant advise solicitors on the steps clients should take to recover stolen money, particularly where the bank refuses to make

04 May 2016

Barrister calls for urgent meetings on judicial discrimination and bias

Government leading review into over-representation of BAME groups in criminal justic

28 Apr 2016

Sex, please – we’re British

Yet despite the public's yearning to know the carnal inclinations of celebrities, the PJS injunction is about so much more than tabloid gossip, writes

27 Apr 2016

Hillsborough: Jury rules 96 victims were ‘unlawfully killed’

Operation Resolve expects criminal investigation to be completed before end o

26 Apr 2016

MoD should be prosecuted for training deaths

The ministry has hid behind Crown immunity for too long, say

25 Apr 2016

Supreme Court limits Met liability in London riot compensation claim

Judgment will save taxpayer £80m, says commercial dispute resolutio

20 Apr 2016

Could the guilty plea write out the role of the defence?

The tone set is that defendants who know they are guilty should plead guilty, writes Rut

19 Apr 2016

Footballer handed suspended sentence for contempt of court

Motorist pays the penalty for faking whiplash as Attorney General's Office sends out

18 Apr 2016

Anti-arms trade protesters acquitted of obstructing highway

Judge finds 'compelling' evidence that weapons were illegally sold at London arm

18 Apr 2016


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