Is quality really the issue in the trade war between criminal advocates?

Business models, rather than barristers' standards, are what the government and regulator should be concerned about, suggests Mar

23 Feb 2016

CPS ‘has work to do’ on criminal case reform, says inspectorate

HMCPSI finds over one third of case files are not reviewed before a firs

22 Feb 2016

Joint enterprise: Convicted murderers to be let out within seconds

Don't believe everything you read, especially where the mainstream press is concerned, writes John van de

19 Feb 2016

Joint enterprise was the gift that kept on giving

The new regime should remind the police and the CPS of their duties not to pursue allegations that do not have merit, regardless of public and media pressure, writes John Coope

19 Feb 2016

Shake-up of crime agency powers raises the potential for political interference

SFO under the spotlight again as National Crime Agency given 'power of direction' i

18 Feb 2016

Supreme Court: Joint enterprise ‘wrongly interpreted’

Incorrect test has led to miscarriages of justice involving vulnerable children, says Just fo

18 Feb 2016

Man attacked by police dog receives compensation after eight-year battle

No apology or admission received by police after unnecessary use o

10 Feb 2016

Pinsent Masons accused of ‘deliberately misinterpreting’ SFO data

White & Case partner comes to the defence of City colleague and argues SFO has 'lost it

09 Feb 2016

Who’s to blame for salacious media mania?

Pippa Allsop debates the catch 22 situation which sees irresponsible publishers feed the public's hunger fo

09 Feb 2016