Expert witness

Battling the threat to expert evidence

The government has 
launched a raft of legislation and consultations in an attempt to radically reduce court costs, including those generated by exper

29 Jun 2012

Complex liability cases: learn from past mistakes

A recent case contains essential guidance for those relying on experts in highly technical cases, say Anthony Greenwood and Leann

29 Jun 2012

Research challenges plans to restrict role of family experts

Children 'would inevitably suffer' if government goes ahea

30 Apr 2012

Research challenges Norgrove's negative picture of social worker experts

Research by Oxford University has challenged government plans to restrict the role of independent social worker (ISW) experts in famil

23 Apr 2012

How valuable is expert evidence when assessing a patient in a vegetative state?

Richard Scorer and Gemma Hall discuss experts' roles in cases involving the possible withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment and in compensatio

12 Mar 2012

Open doors

Questionable practices used to engage experts undermine their value by preparing the ground for fraudulent claims, warns Marti

28 Feb 2012

Experts update

Brendan Roche and Rob Harland round up the latest developments in the courts' approach to expert evidence, including immunity, hot tubbing an

28 Feb 2012

In the hot seat

Edward Powell explores the benefits of hot tubbing, and considers whether a recent case on report disclosure gives defendants an unfai

28 Feb 2012

Bearing false witness?

The latest proposals and pilots to speed up the family justice system rushes experts into providing evidence and don’t offer the guaranties of indepen

28 Feb 2012