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Bloomsburry Family law

Expert witness

In the hot seat

Edward Powell explores the benefits of hot tubbing, and considers whether a recent case on report disclosure gives defendants an unfair advantage

Experts update

Brendan Roche and Rob Harland round up the latest developments in the courts' approach to expert evidence, including immunity, hot tubbing and fingerprints

Open doors

Questionable practices used to engage experts undermine their value by preparing the ground for fraudulent claims, warns Martin Stockdale

Missing link?

James Clery reflects on how advances in forensic science over the last 19 years have affected the Stephen Lawrence case

On call

Experts have a crucial role in untangling the ambiguous and puzzling aspects of the law on intercepted communications, says Simon McKay

Fitting the bill

Expert evidence is key in contaminated land disputes, but the complex and lengthy nature of such cases means practitioners must ensure they choose a witness team with the right skill set, say Stephen Sykes and Owen Williams

Bearing false witness?

The latest proposals and pilots to speed up the family justice system rushes experts into providing evidence and don’t offer the guaranties of independence and objectivity that families should be entitled to, argues Finola Moss