Expert witness

Successful outcomes at proportional cost

Richard Formby considers the flexible use of accounting expertise in the? post-Jackso

19 Jun 2014

Making the solicitor-expert witness relationship work

Solicitor Catherine Leech and expert witness Robert Sells consider how to forge a fruitful partnership in an increasingly unfavourabl

19 Jun 2014

Cinderella law is not the answer

The proposed new legislation to protect children from emotional abuse may cause more problems than it solves, says Graha

19 Jun 2014

Timetabling in the wake of Jackson and Mitchell

Experts are cherry picking cases and building slack into their timetables as the reforms intended to reduce waste and costs threaten to have the opposite effect, says Mar

19 Jun 2014

Whiplash and co: a different slant

Medical experts need to be aware of the underlying pathology of cases in order to make an accurate diagnosis, says Richar

18 Jun 2014

Government unveils new quality assurance standards for family experts

Experts still expected to seek feedback under new rules to come into force in Apri

13 Nov 2013

New family experts’ standard should include core skills

All witnesses appearing as 'experts' in family proceedings should meet minimum professional requirements, says Mar

25 Jul 2013

Experts | Drawing a line in boundary disputes

Experts can help keep parties in boundary disputes out of court, and their use is only going to increase, believes Mangal

02 Jul 2013

Experts | Medical experts must find a happy medium

Medical experts are almost always needed in clinical negligence litigation, but their role could change after Jackson, even in high-value litigation, says Jeanett

02 Jul 2013