Civil conduct | In praise of independent arbitration proceedings

Colin Gibson welcomes the Supreme Court decision providing clear support for arbitration clauses choosing England as the dispute resolutio

05 Jul 2013

Susskind attacks CJC for dismissing online dispute resolution

IT expert warns of 'inevitable move' away from sole practices and smal

19 Mar 2013

Litigation focus | Gentle persuasion: Easing lawyers into embracing alternative

Alternative dispute resolution, by its nature, ?must be entered into willingly by both parties. Julian Copeman asks to what extent ?lawyers have a duty to encourage their ?clients to use this metho

11 Sep 2012

Civil conduct | Is mediation worth the money?

The Court of Appeal has stressed that there are legitimate circumstances when mediation ?is not appropriate, but if a party is found to have unreasonably refused to mediate they ?may be penalised o

11 Jun 2012

'We should be given inquisitorial powers'

DJ Richard Chapman talks to Jean-Yves Gilg about why he believes the role of district judges must radically change and procedures be overhauled if county courts are to effectively tackle upcomin

02 Apr 2012

Clinical negligence claims 'entirely suitable for ADR'

Clinical negligence disputes are "entirely suitable" for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, Lord Justice Jackson has repeated in an attack against sceptics las

26 Mar 2012

Arbitration is a worthy alternative to court

Family lawyers must embrace this fairer, more flexible and potentially cheaper option, says Marily

19 Mar 2012

The government's mediation plans haven't been thought out

In its haste to channel disputes through mediation and control the process centrally the government is killing off successful local schemes and jeopardising its own objective, says Jerem

19 Mar 2012

New family arbitration scheme is no alternative to litigation

The sound rationale behind the new family dispute arbitration scheme doesn't mean it is a credible alternative to either mediation or litigation, says Mile

05 Mar 2012