Homegrown talent

The English courts are fast becoming the premier enforcement jurisdiction for arbitral awards, explains Graha

10 Nov 2014

Shipping, arbitration and litigation

Different disputes require different methods of dispute resolution when it comes to shipping arbitration, says Steven Gee QC

29 Oct 2014

The perils of refusing to mediate

Mediation is an opportunity to better understand your opponent's case as well as the weaknesses of your own position, says Danielle D

28 Oct 2014

The changing landscape of arbitration in Asia

Asia is a big market for business and increasing user demand drives changes for commercial arbitration in the region, says Andrew Aglionb

25 Sep 2014

ADR and public procurement

A different approach needs to be taken where there is a battle over a contract that serves the public interest, reminds Michae

27 Aug 2014

NHS to trial new mediation pilot

Trial initiative hopes to resolve disputes involving a fatality or insufficient care of elderl

07 Aug 2014

Arbitration: the new Court of Appeal for dispute boards

Cyril Chern discusses the newest established form of adjudication that is key to resolving global constructio

30 Jun 2014

How to win friends and influence people

In negotiation, differences can actually mean solutions, says Carly

24 Jun 2014

Do more than just belong: ensure you participate

Ignoring a request for arbitration on the basis of a jurisdictional issue may prove expensive, says Thierry D

10 Jun 2014