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Use the force

Europe has finally come up with a compelling argument for compulsory mediation, says Julian Sidoli de

26 Jul 2010

Strike up

The BA strikes provided valuable lessons for both unions and employers, but, with industrial action expected to rise, future disputes are likely to be ridd

26 Jul 2010

Cheap and cheerful

In costs disputes, mediation is not only cheaper and quicker than court assessments, it also provides a less hostile environment in which parties can effec

22 Jun 2010

Logging out

The increasing popularity of online networking sites raises important issues about what happens to an individual's digital legacy after their death, says N

04 May 2010

The wrong target

If implemented as they are, Jackson LJ’s proposals will shift costs from defendants to claimants and reduce rather than increase access to justice, says Ni

20 Apr 2010

Judge for yourself

Negotiated settlements bring savings for litigants and for the courts, and the parties are more likely to have a workable solution – so why aren&rsqu

06 Apr 2010

Pillar of strength

Mediation has proved to be an effective and cheaper alternative to litigation, but only if it is used properly will it reach its full potential, says Pete

30 Mar 2010

The right route

Mediation has a high success rate and saves time and money, so why is it so often overlooked by local authorities? Gerard Khoshnaw report

23 Feb 2010

Encounters of the third kind

There are many advantages of involving third sector organisations in the delivery of public services, but those considering bidding for contracts should be

16 Feb 2010


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