Marriage & Civil partnership

Domestic violence, 
society, and the law

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the issue of domestic violence is one of the most emotive topics in family law. After all, our home and the people we love are supposed to be refuges from ?the world – a place we feel safe and secure. But for some unfortunate people, this ?safe refuge is marred by intimidation, violence, ?and abuse. The damage can ?be deep and long lasting.

Child support: Mind the gap

Separating parents must consider future education costs as early as possible to avoid a lacuna in the law surrounding child support, explains Carla Ditz

No-fault divorce

The fault-based nature of divorce in England and Wales, which requires one person to accuse the other of adultery or unreasonable behaviour to have their divorce granted within two years of marriage breakdown, is driving over a quarter of divorcing couples to make false allegations to the court, according to new research from family law organisation Resolution. Read more on this story here.  

Courts are deliberately misled by a quarter of divorce petitions

The time has come to introduce divorce without blame, argues Conservative MP

High net worths negotiating divorce settlements rather than risk loss of privacy

To say the law on press reporting 'is a mess' would be a 'serious understatement', says Mostyn J


Across the pond, divorce selfies are becoming the new trend as couples celebrate reaching an amicable split by sharing the image on social media.

The Marriage Act 2013: A battle half won?

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, enacted in England and Wales in March 2014 with Scotland following suit the following December, has gone down as one of the greatest pieces of socially progressive legislation to have ever been passed in this country. For the first time in our history, couples of the same gender have been able to legally marry, allowing them to obtain the same legal status as married couples of opposite sexes.